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Situated on a rocky outcrop, the Château du Pierrail looks over a valley in which the river Fonchotte meanders. This small river rises in the estate and flows into a 3 hectares lake situated in woodland in the middle of the property.

The Château du Pierrail origins come from the very ancient de Segur family. This pure 17th century château of classic design, Mansart roofed, with its facade flanked by two towers, was built in 1680 on the site of an older Middle-Age castle.


" From 1782 and more than a century the property was owned by the Barons de Brianson, whose portraits, as cavalrymen, are still hung in the main salon of the château. "

Marie-Marguerite de Brianson

Marie Marguerite de Brianson remains an outstanding figure of the Château's history. In April 1832, she was hostess to the Duchess de Berry, widow of the Duc de Berry (son of Charles X, heir to the throne), who was travelling from the Provence to the Vendée. The Duchess wanted to raise the population against Louis-Philippe, so that she could put her son the "Duc de Bordeaux", rightful heir, on the throne


From 1887, the estate suffered successive setbacks until 1970 when arrived the Demonchaux Family.

Image Marie Marguerite

Disguised as a man, with a passport in the name of "petit-Pierre", the Duchess de Berry, was welcomed by Marie Marguerite de Brianson.