Demonchaux family

Photo famille Denonchaux

Jacques Demonchaux began to restore the property into its former glory.
The 17th century château, its park and vineyard became a beautiful estate of harmony and charm.

Jacques Demonchaux is joined by his wife, Alice Demonchaux, Sales Manager, and by their son, Aurélien, Production Manager. Alice is commercialising Château Pierrail wines with a network of partners worldwide.

Aurélien assures the development and the quality of the Red, White and Rosé wines of Château Pierrail.

A family partnership is created between Jacques, Alice and Aurélien in 1996 : CHATEAU PIERRAIL EARL. The estate of 250 hectares now includes 90 hectares of vines planted on the best coteaux.

The château, the parkland, with its « jardin à la française » and topiaries, the lake, grounds and woodland make up a well balanced and harmonious estate.

The Demonchaux family owns also Château Arnaud, a 17 hectares vineyard on a superb clay and gravel terroir.